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Giuseppe Provenza was born in Palermo on May 5, 1987.From an early age he begins to notice his passion for music, the piano is the instrument in which he reflects. Started playing at school and then get to play in the church, it has a lot of fun telling the passage from the church to the disco.Thanks every day for having donated his father's love for music.Today the DJ is a Techno music producer dragged into this trend by a friend. His favorite quote: "The dream continues, the dream must continue" Never give up ...


    C.E.O. We Call It Techno.                                    (Techno's Movement Based in Italy).
    "WE CALL IT TECHNO" (Techno's Movement)
    "We Call It Techno" was created with the purpose of supporting all those talents and future of music talents (DeepHouse / Tech House / Techno) who have not yet had the opportunity to show their skills, our aim is "RESPECT FOR MUSIC "I am taking care of a lot of the" BPM "because the" BPM "will decide your and our evening.